3-4 – Curriculum

Read Aloud

There is no better way to learn about exciting literature then to read it! Our read aloud books are our favorites and the kids always look forward to these relaxing times of being read to. We read fiction and nonfiction and the topics often coincide with those we are studying throughout our curriculum.


Our reading program stimulates the innate love inside all of us for quality literature. We have an extensive library of trade books which is constantly changing. Children increase their proficiency and comprehension through silent reading, reading aloud, literature circles, and other opportunities to learn about new literature and talk with others about their latest read.


Our kids are at a special point in their development as writers. Many have only written very short stories and are still learning the basics of what it takes to be a quality writer. We use a workshop style curriculum to teach our kids many techniques they can use to generate good writing ideas and follow them through. We learn the general cycle of most good written pieces and ask each participant to vigilantly follow through with their great ideas. The kids share their work with one another throughout the writing process. We publish the best from each child’s writing throughout the year and we celebrate the culmination of each unit with a final Author’s Chair.


For a subject that catches a lot of slack, math can be a lot of fun. We balance the repetition of formal arithmetic with a solid look at the foundations of our number system. We play games, use manipulatives, solve problems, reason logically, and stretch the boundaries of what we think of as math. Along with this more creative approach, we solidify our foundations in the basic operations through moderate repetition and weekly quizzes.


Our theme time is an opportunity for the class to pursue a variety of subjects which specifically interest us. The topics we have addressed include Animal Architects, Indiana History, Human Biology, Water, The Civil Rights Movement, Trees, etc. We emphasis hands-on activities and off-campus explorations.


We believe in a healthy lifestyle and a healthy approach to both individual and team sports. Our classes encourage cooperation and teamwork as well as sportsmanship and a drive to do ones best. We offer choices such as soccer, kickball, badminton, Frisbee, basketball, hockey, and yoga.