MS – Trips

Trips are an integral part of the Harmony Middle School experience. As such students are expected to choose, plan, and participate in them. We take two to three trips every school year.

We want students to have a direct say in their education. And, likewise, we want them to be able to impact their fellow classmates in meaningful and positive ways. To achieve this we give students a choice in classes, activities, trips, etc. and a voice in decisions that directly or indirectly affect them. In family meetings students literally create and enforce the rules. It is this democratic atmosphere that insures that every individual is valued and respected.

Personal challenges take many forms — from setting academic goals at the beginning of the year, to meeting the social and emotional needs of the group, to overcoming the fears of indoor climbing walls to outdoor high ropes courses. Over the course of the two years, we consciously put students in a wide variety of academic and non-academic situations and help them find what it takes for them to succeed.