MS – Family Meeting

Family meeting is Harmony School’s governing system. The Middle School has family meeting twice a month. It is chaired on a rotating basis by the graduates and is the means by which we make decisions, deal with problems, and discuss nuts-and-bolts issues. Family meeting is a school-wide institution and together with Student Solidarity allows for student input on issues that relate to them and the school.

Transcription from one meeting:

  • Teamwork – (Marty’s issue) We talked about how he wishes that we actually cleaned up during clean up instead of standing around making it hard for other people to do their jobs. There was a discussion about watching your language and about being careful with your vocals and how we say stuff to one another. Try not to put down people. Really pay attention to what you say and how you say it. The discussion went on about clean up and students thought the clean-up wheel was too confusing. Ursina came up with idea of using clipboards and writing people’s jobs down.
    A student’s $30 was stolen in one day. He asks for whoever stole it to give the money back, and he’ll let you keep ten of it. Another student made a suggestion that you should keep expensive things or money out of eyesight.
  • Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences – Students were encouraged to be prepared. You’re the person that runs the meeting. Try to pull out your best work for the meeting.
  • Upcoming – Next week Middle School will go trick or treating for UNICEF with the rest of the school. Bring a Halloween outfit, costume on Tuesday morning. This year teachers are hoping that older kids collect more money than usual. Costume parade is at 1:15 and the Award Ceremony is at 2:15. Science Expo is November 16th from 5;00 until 7:00 p.m.
  • The Holiday Follies – If you want to do an act, you can talk to Marty. The month of November is the time to get your act for the follies together, so get ready.
    The homework board is going to become a job. Questions about jobs – talk to Siri or Serena. “We know what we’re doing.”
  • Poster for Computer lab – If you would like to help create a poster for the computer lab, talk to James.
  • Library: You don’t leave the library at 5 after 11. As soon as you get to the library find a quiet place and start working instead of saying hi to your friends.