MS – Curriculum


Core classes include Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and 5th period (see below), None core classes include physical education, current events, Exploration and Creation , art and team building.

5th Period: an afternoon class that meets for a semester, mixes high school and middle school in classes that students select, subject matter range from folk art to advanced math.

Students also participate in family meeting, small group, daily clean up, all school meetings, convocations, parent/student/teacher conferences and Friday afternoon special events such as ice skating, hiking, indoor climbing, walking, sports, etc.


Students have weekly assignments in all core classes (Math, Science, Language Arts/Social Studies), long-term projects that may require outside resources, regular reading assignments, and miscellaneous other requirements. We recommend that student spend an average of 45 to 60 minutes per day. Study hall is offered Tuesday and Thursday after school.


We do not give letter grades but have two parent/student/teacher conferences (in November and May) to assess student progress. A standardized achievement test is given to all the students during second semester. Parents are encouraged to meet with staff whenever needed to clarify goals and expectations.
In order to graduate, students must receive credit from all three middle school teachers in their core subject, credit in social responsibility (indicating that the student was an active member of the Harmony Middle School community who could demonstrate that they are an independent learner), and eighth graders must complete a graduation project.
If a student transfers to another school we write a personal transcript.