MS – Admission

While there is no absolutely strict formula to which we adhere, the Middle School staff attempts to maintain a balance of 7th and 8th graders, as well as males to females. We simultaneously strive for diversity within our student population and a common sense of “group.” As a result, we look for students who we think will thrive within the Harmony program. Sometimes, these are students who have a distinct need for a more personalized, supportive, social environment. And sometimes, these are students who simply want a more creative and academically-rigorous atmosphere. All students are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and we attempt to reach our decision based upon anecdotal information from parents, the students prior experiences in school, and an authentic sense of who the student is as a person.

The process of entering the Middle School takes two paths. For prospective new students coming to Harmony, an application is filled out, an interview with both parent and student is held, and an essay is written by the potential student as to why they want to attend Harmony School. Once all interviews are completed, the staff attempts to assemble a collection of kids we think will work well together. Students who have previously been in the Harmony system must have their elementary teacher’s recommendation to be assured a place in the Middle School. If no questions arise, then both continuing and new families are invited to a parent orientation in August where more questions can be answered and general information is disseminated.