Middle School



The building is open at 7:45. School begins at 9:00 am. Students or parents should call the Middle School (334-8367) if they will be late or absent on any particular day. Students are responsible for making up what they missed due to absence. It’s important that students are punctual. Attendance is taken each morning either in the gym or in the middle school.

Lunch Policy

We have an open campus policy. Students are free to leave school grounds between 12:15 and 1:00 p.m.

Advisory Groups

Students meet periodically with his or her own fixed small group to discuss any issues that are relevant to individuals in that group and reflect on social service and goal-setting. These advisory groups can critique independent projects, provide feedback to social or emotional issue or serve as a support system.

Community Service

Every other Wednesday morning students will be out in the community at a job site chosen with the interest of the student in mind. Students keep their job for the entire school year, some students choosing to continue for two years. This experience is geared to truly aid the larger Bloomington community, give students a sense of what work places are like and teach kids to successfully get from place to place on time.