Student Testimonial – Alex Chau, Hong Kong

Nov 14, 2008
On his family:
When I was in Hong Kong, the relationship between me and my mom wasn’t very good, because she used to plan everything for me and tried to control my life. Over the past three years living in Bloomington, the relationship between my mother and I has changed a lot; after she saw my capability to live on my own, she started trusting me more and let me take responsibility for my own life.

On his community:
I think Hong Kong and Bloomington are extremely different: Hong Kong is one of the biggest cities in the world and Bloomington is just a small college town. Life in Hong Kong is definitely more fun than Bloomington; I used to go shopping, karaoke all the time with my friends before. But I think Bloomington is a perfect place for me to study, because here I have fewer distractions so I can focus more on my school work.

On his school:
I think that Harmony school and my school in Hong Kong are completely different. One of the major differences is the way they teach the students. In Hong Kong, schools usually teach in a really strict way and very straight forward, but at Harmony almost everything is negotiable. Also, the relationships between teachers and students are much closer because classes are smaller so teachers can pay more attention to students.