HS – Graduation

Video of past High School Graduation Ceremonies:

Harmony High School has the following requirements for graduation:

Core Credits:

Each student needs to have completed a total of 27 core academic credits with:

  • 8 in Language Arts
  • 7 in Mathematics
  • 6 in Science (with 2 in life science, 2 in physical science and 4 labs)
  • 6 in Social Studies (with 1 in World History, 1 in US History and 1 in US government)

We also recommend:

  • At least 4 credits of a single foreign language. This is an entrance requirement for Indiana University
  • For students who are thinking of continuing to college, we recommend they take at least 1 college class (usually IU or Ivy Tech). If not, the student should do an internship instead.

Social Dynamics:

Each student must receive one Social Dynamics Credit for each year at Harmony (click here to learn more). This is based on a set of 5 criteria designed by the students, including:

  • Attendance
  • Homework
  • One-on-one interactions
  • Community involvement
  • Family Meeting

Citizenship Vote:

Each student needs to receive two citizenship votes (one their first semester, and one after they present their Senior Project). This vote is taken by the High School Family Meeting and asks:

  • “Is this student a responsible, contributing member of the community with a sense of humor?”

Senior Project:

Each student needs to successfully complete and present their Senior Project (click here to learn more). This project takes approximately one semester’s length (360 hours) to complete and culminates in a written and oral presentation for the whole High School.