HS – Family Meeting

High School Family Meetings (Fridays from 1:00-2:45pm)

Possible Goals for Meetings:

  • Pass on important information (through “Announcements”)
  • Solve problems (as a community, where the students create or help to create viable solutions)
  • Plan for the future (plan, as a group, class trips, projects, activities, etc.)
  • Community building skills (students learn to take responsibility for themselves and the group)
  • Share joys (through “Golden Shining Moments” – with GSMs, students share a brief story of something that lifted their spirits)

Roles students can play:

  • Student chairperson/caller
  • Scribe
  • Timekeeper/timer
  • Gatekeeper/focus person

Rules of Meeting:

  • Raise hands (or, occasionally go around in a circle if it is an important issue in order to get everyone’s input)
  • Try not to repeat what has already been said
  • Respect your classmates; make it a safe place (everyone’s comments are respected; no one is laughed at)
  • Everyone tries to stay focused
  • Rules for Group Problem Solving:
  • The person who raised the issue goes first, describing/defining/outlining the problem
  • Others may add new information
  • When students speak:
    • Don’t blame, just explain
    • Speak from own experience only (I feel…I was)
  • After problem is defined, propose solutions
  • Students choose which solution to try