1-2 – Curriculum


Reading is taught by assessing kids’ reading styles and providing materials and guidance that will support that learning style. Although we generally begin with a variety of basal readers, our goal is to get kids to choose books from our own library as their “readers” as soon as possible. During reading time, we also have kids write creative stories.

Journal Writing

Every student writes in his/her journal every day. Generally, kids write anything they want. This is a time when we can work on grammar, spelling, and punctuation on an individual basis. Once a week, we have “directed journal” where every kid writes about a topic we introduce. We sit together and share our responses.

Language Arts

This is a more formalized language arts period. During this time, the students learn about spelling patterns, punctuation, capitalization, parts of speech, etc. They also do silent reading and have some time for teachers to read to the kids.


Spanish class is held 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes. Students learn words and expressions through games, songs, and other fun activities. Our main goal is for the kids to feel comfortable with a different language and to enjoy knowing and speaking the words and sounds of Spanish.


Our math program covers the same material as most 1st and 2nd grades. Each student works with a textbook that allows them to learn basic number skills at their own pace. We do whole-group and small-group activities providing a more hands-on approach as such areas are explored as patterns, measurements, classification, and assorted kinds of problem-solving. We have a lot of manipulative games that involve math skills (card games, chess and checkers sets, and board games).


When the students are “in program”, they do “themes” which are social studies or science units that last from 3-6 weeks. These tend to be very experiential and usually involve trips to the community. Some examples of subject matter: plants, animals, physics, magnetism and electricity, Mexico, Canada, where doi things come from and where do they end up.


Instead of holding “gym” classes, we play games and work on skills which will develop physical coordination, strength, flexibility, and good sportsmanship in our kids. The emphasis is on fun and cooperation. Bodyworks is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Music & Storytelling

Claudio and Laura Beth rotate telling stories and having music class every two weeks. Music includes singing songs, folkdancing, and playing rhythm instruments. Storytelling is just that-Michele shares fairy tales, folk tales and her own creations.


There are three evaluation times during the year. The first is during the week of Thanksgiving. A written evaluation is presented to parents during scheduled times during this week. Near the end of February, we send home a short note about how each child is doing in class. No conferences are scheduled at that time, but if the parents feel the need to set one, we are more than happy to schedule one. The last evaluation time is at the end of May. Again, we write up evaluations and set up times for parent conferences.

Feel free to arrange a meeting with us any time you have questions or want to talk about your child. You can always call us at any time. That’s why we are here!