1-2 – Basics

Parent Involvement

A volunteer Parent Involvement Coordinator (PIP) is designated at the beginning of every year. This person helps to organize parents who work in our classroom by being substitute teachers, supplementing our classroom curriculum, helping to maintain and beautify the classrooms, tutoring kids one on one, or sharing any special talents or skills they may have. Please look for the sign-up sheet on our big calendar every month.


Send your child to school in weather appropriate clothing. This is especially important when we go on trips. Note, too, that we have Bodyworks class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, so kids should be sent in clothing they can be active in those days. We ask that kids bring an extra pair of shoes to leave at school. This saves our carpet when kids come in with muddy feet!


There are two ways we add to our class library. One way is the Library Fund. Contributing to this fund allows us to buy high-quality books of our choice. Library Fund Drive forms are passed out at the beginning of the year.

The other way is through book orders. Every month we will send book order forms home with your child. These books are less expensive than the same books in a bookstore. For every book you purchase for your child, the class receives points. With these points, we are able to get free books for the classroom.

You are not obligated to participate in either of these programs, but we are genuinely grateful for any help that you can give us!

It is our policy to have kids check out their readers (textbooks) just as they would do a library book. If the readers are lost, we will ask you to replace the book. Most of these readers cost between $15 and $20.