First & Second Grades


Most children come to the first grade eager to learn. Along with the expectations of more academic work comes greater freedom. For example, they can go anywhere within the boundaries of the school, and they have more opportunities to make decisions regarding rules as they affect their class.

We know that they are still young children, growing and maturing, with strong needs for play, social life, and stimulating experiences. We allow these years to be a vibrant mixture of many elements:

  • academic with a focus on learning to read, write, and comprehend basic math ideas.
  • social with a focus on learning how to be an assertive and compassionate member of the Harmony community.
  • physical through games, sports, music, and dance.
  • artistic through exposure to many kinds of creative and expressive activities.

We believe in treating every child as an individual with respect to their individual needs, desires, interests, quirks, and learning styles. We nurture their development by modifying what we expect of them (both intellectually and socially) to suit their growing abilities and level of maturity.