ECP Program Info

Young and old

A unique aspect of Harmony School is the presence of children from 3 years old to 12th grade in the same school community. We provide supervised opportunities for elementary, middle and high school students to work in the Early Childhood classroom with the 3 to 6 year olds, reading books and playing games. In mixed age groupings, the younger children learn from the example set by the older children, whom they look up to. The older children, in turn, learn responsibility and parenting skills while gaining an awareness of early childhood development.

2011_socialactiondayChildren who are in the last year of the program (ages 5-6) are considered Kindergarteners and continue to work at their own pace through the curriculum, but also participate in afternoon elective classes along with the older students at Harmony School. Teachers from all grade levels offer these “Exploration and Creation” classes in one-month sessions, giving Kindergarteners extra opportunities to interact with older children and other Harmony teachers.

Parents are encouraged to participate in class and to share their thoughts and concerns at any time. Regular Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled at the end of each semester in which we provide a narrative report, discuss the child’s social, emotional, and academic progress, as well as share any concerns and amusing anecdotes. Prospective parents are encouraged to come to a Visitor Day at Harmony School, or to make an appointment in advance to see the program in progress.

Program Staff

ecp_read_libDuring the academic year our teaching partners, Linda Lewis and Chris Barth work staggered shifts so that one or more is present throughout the day. Students from Indiana University work as program assistants to ensure a minimum ratio of one adult to ten children. We typically have 3 –- 5 caregivers in the classroom during the busy portion of the day (roughly 8:30 to 4:30). In the summer, the same minimum ratio is maintained, there is a vigorous summer camp schedule with lots of water play and field trips.”

Summer Vacation Policy

Families may take a vacation of one to two months and pay a non-refundable, monthly holding fee equal to one third of their normal monthly tuition to hold their child’s space. Parents must inform ECP staff by May 15th of any given year.