Since its founding in 1974, Harmony School has been dedicated to the historic purpose of schooling: preparing young people to participate thoughtfully and actively in our democratic society. Harmony School provides a setting in which teachers, students, researchers, administrators, parents, and community members come together to develop creative yet sensible educational theories, practices, and materials.

Under the direction of Steve Bonchek, M.Ed., Harmony’s early childhood, elementary, middle, high school, and community youth programs have pioneered imaginative approaches to

  • student/teacher relationships
  • integration of social services into the school environment
  • curricular and instructional design
  • student learning
  • school governance

State officials, business leaders, professional associations, and numerous educators from around the nation have recognized Harmony School for its highly successful policies and programs.

Harmony School is one branch of Harmony Education Center, along with Rhino’s Youth Center, the only all ages youth center in Bloomington Indiana, and the National School Reform Faculty (NSRF), which works to increase student achievement through professional learning communities called Critical Friends Groups, or CFGs.

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