Special Events

Each year Harmony School participates in special events that allow students and teachers from all the programs to interact with each other in meaningful ways and share important curricular experiences. Social Action Day occurs on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday every year. The other special events – Art day, Science/Math/Technology Day, Multicultural Day, Earth Day are annual events.

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Social Action Day

Social Action Day is held each year on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. It is an opportunity for the school to acknowledge a great man by studying his life and exploring important social issues.  After we begin with an opening assembly, students break up into a variety of workshops, field trips, and service projects both inside and out of Harmony School.  These have included:

  • Rhino’s Youth Center Anti-tobacco workshop
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Songs of the Civil Rights Movement
  • Occupy Bloomington
  • Young Americans for Liberty
  • IU Coalition to End Human Trafficking
  • Young Farmers of Bloomington
  • Shalom Center
  • Middleway House
  • Pages to Prisoners
  • Lake Griffy Cleanup

Art Day

Art Day is usually the culmination of a month long, school-wide focus on the arts. During the month many exploration and creation classes are “art” oriented and taught by Harmony teachers and local artists. Older students also have the chance to share their talents with their peers and younger students in the school. On art day itself the halls and classrooms of the school are alive with creative activity as the school turns into a large studio filled with students, teachers, and community members expressing themselves through a multitude of media. The day ends with an art show for the Harmony community.

Click here to see a video of our Art Day from 2010!

Multicultural Day

Multicultural Day begins with a wide variety of “Creation” classes designed to raise each student’s multicultural awareness.  These classes meet on Thursdays from 1-2:45 during March, and usually focus on the either the culture of a particular country (England, Brazil, China, Korea, Switzerland, etc) or on a cross-cultural theme (divination systems, martial arts, etc).  Teachers work hard to bring in guest from these countries as well as experts so that students are able to get a first-hand account of cultural traditions.  Then, on the last Friday in March, we celebrate Multicultural Day itself.

We begin with an opening assembly, following by an Open House where each students gets to share their learning with the school and also learn about the other classes offered. After the Open House comes an international banquet featuring traditional food from around the world, both prepared by Harmony parents and also donated by local restaurants.  Finally, in the afternoon students sign up for workshops.  In recent years, these workshops have included British darts, Ghanaian drumming, Brazilian capoeira, and Basque txalaparta.

Science/Math/Technology Day

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