Graduation milestones are achieved through a combination of academic, social and community achievements.

Elementary School:

  • demonstrating age-level achievement in language arts, math, science and social studies
  • conducting a research project with a written and verbal presentation at the conclusion
  • completing one week of volunteer work in the community


Middle School:

  • earning credit in each of their core classes: math, language arts/social studies, and science
  • earning a credit for social responsibility
  • completing a semester-long graduation project


High School:

For more detailed information about Harmony High School’s graduation requirements, click here.

  • Core Credits: Each student needs to have completed a total of 27 core academic credits (8 in Language Arts, 7 in Mathematics, 6 in Science, 6 in Social Studies, and 4 in Foreign Language)
  • Social Dynamics: Each student must receive one Social Dynamics Credit for each year at Harmony (click here to learn more). This is based on a set of 5 criteria designed by the students.
  • Citizenship Vote: Each student needs to receive two citizenship votes (one their first semester, and one after they present their Senior Project). This vote is taken by the High School Family Meeting and asks: “Is this student a responsible, contributing member of the community with a sense of humor?”
  • Senior Project: Each student needs to successfully complete and present their Senior Project (click here to learn more). This project takes approximately one semester’s length (360 hours) to complete and culminates in a written and oral presentation for the whole High School.

Harmony’s graduates have gone on to attend some of the nation’s best and most innovative colleges and universities, including Columbia, U.C. Berkeley, Brown, Parsons, Earlham, Antioch, Hampshire, Indiana University, and Friends World College. On the California Achievement Test, Harmony students usually score one to three years above grade level. Harmony’s emphasis on lifelong learning, teamwork, and self-esteem gives those graduates entering the workforce the skills and attitudes necessary for success.