Core Classes

We believe in educating students for participation in a democratic society, a task that demands critical reading and thinking, social and historical awareness, mathematical fluency, a grounding in scientific principles, and creative and flexible thinking. Through our core-classes in each of these areas, we work to help our students grow in each of these skills while also acquiring a life-long love of learning. With the younger students, there is more of a focus on using play and fun activities to teach these skills. For the older students, we continue to use hands on projects and activities but with an increased focus on academic skills.

Students who graduate from Harmony School earn the same Core 40 diploma that is earned by their peers in public schools. Nearly all of our students who are interested in pursuing 4-year colleges (Indiana University, Earlham College, etc.) are able to do so. Students who are interested in more technical trades find that the skills they acquire during classes, apprenticeships, and Senior Projects help prepare them for their chosen trade.