Application for Harmony School International Program and Housing

Thank you for your interest in the Harmony School International Student Program and supervised housing!

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General Student Information

Living Accommodations
The International House is a safe, well-organized option for students attending Harmony School who are unable to arrange a home-stay with family or friends. It is close to the school and will house between 6 and 11 students, usually between the ages of 14 and 18. An adult guardian employed by the school to look after your child while they are in the US.
Food and daily transportation to and from school is provided. The parent of current Harmony students currently owns the residence.

Payment Information
Residence at the International House incurs additional tuition and fees. If you choose this option for your child while at Harmony, the tuition for the school year is $22,000 and the charge for rent and food from September 1st to June 1st is $15,000. Harmony will also need a one time $500 processing fee for the student's I-20 (needed to generate an F1 Visa.

*Please email or call (812)334-8349 to confirm that we have received your application.