Alumni News

Lynn Mason 1980 ish
I live in Indy and work at a glass house. Thanks Harmony and Roc for everything! What a great family you’ve built!! I miss it and everyone!

Alice Wilmoth (Alice Platz)
Hello! I didn’t even know Harmony had a website!
No real news I can think of. My last name changed for some reason, and there is this guy around my house all the time… maybe there’s a connection. Please email me if you wanna. I’d like to hear from any of you. Especially those who were in my class (and nearby surrounding classes) I had so much fun with you all, and we practically LIVED together for so many years! (FYI- If you do email, it may be a while before I get back with you.)
Love, love, love.

Galen Staengl 1988-1990
Sorry I can’t make the reunion! Have a great time! Harmony has a special place in my heart. I am living in Charlottesville, VA, with my wife Joanna and my two kids Ezra & Theodore. I run a green engineering practice. Lots of fun to be had trying to make the world a greener place.

Suzanne Kirk 1979-1980
Hi all. I wasn’t at Harmony for long, but it came at a time that I needed it most. I’ve been around the block a time or two in the past 29 years. NYC for 12 years where I worked as a visiting nurse in the Bronx, continued with my education and somehow ended up with 4 degrees. Hosted Becca Wilson while living there which was a blast. I’m back in the midworst now for past 11 years. Have been working with urban poor ever since NY. Now hanging with the big dogs in the Michigan state prison system. The stories are fascinating. Getting a well rounded education. Hope to see other elders at the reunion.

Monty Scales 1980 “ish”
My wife and I are missionaries working disaster relief in the United States. We spent over 2 years on the Gulf Coast following hurricane Katrina (in MS and New Orleans), 4 months in Columbus, Indiana following this years June flooding and are currently heading to Galveston, Texas to manage a disaster relief camp following hurricane Ike.
I will remember Harmony School forever and thank all those who made it possible for me to be where I am now!f

Andrew Curley 1994(?)
I was only at Harmony for one year, for my 7th Grade middle school year. I don’t remember too many people, but in reflection it seems as though the education model at Harmony is really unique and I have been wanting to get back in touch with people there I met. I am currently in a graduate program in up-state NY, but had been living back home in Arizona and New Mexico until recently.

Avery Liell-Kok 1991-2003
Hi everyone! I just graduated from IU with a degree in Fine Arts, after finishing a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. I still live in Bloomington and work as an illustrator, webcomic artist, and painter. I also work part time at Howard’s Bookstore, so stop by and see me sometime!

Jennifer Stauffacher (Jennifer Rose) 1985-1990
Hi all, It’s so nice to have a place to post and connect with each other. I attended Harmony for a few years and loved it. It was definitely my most positive school experience. I moved to Colorado in 1990 and have missed Harmony and B-ton ever since. I can’t wait to see everyone at the reunion. I’m currently living in Milwaukee with my husband and our 2 sons, Harrison 3 years old and Levi,1 month. I can’t wait to introduce them to Harmony in October!

Caitlin Savage(Caitlin Blackwell) 1989-1995
Hi everyone!
The first trip I ever took with Harmony School was to Chicago, IL. We were in Middle School (seriously, teachers. What were you thinking?!?) and we went to Hammacher Schlemmer, to Second City, and to see a performance of “Noises Off.” It was amazing, and I knew then and there that I wanted to move to Chicago and to be an actress, and also to win an Academy Award.

Here I am, 20ish years later…in libraries! I work at Northwestern University Library in lovely Evanston IL. I’m in the graduate program at UIUC for Library and Information Science. I have a wonderful husband, and two bad cats.

I’m also a writer and a performer (see middle schoolers, dreams DO come true!)in Chicago, and it’s certainly just a matter of time before my Oscar shows up.

I’m looking forward to seeing all my high school friends in October! Did you all grow up? I have students workers who ask me for permission for stuff. It’s very jarring. Apparently, I’m not 18 anymore.

Anna Geuder (Anna Burks) 1994-1998
I have been living in Reusch, a tiny village in Bavaria, Germany for about six years now and have three children (6, 3, and 7 months). I am always amazed at how my English seems to disappear with time and how creative my kids are at finding new German and English words! I wish they had schools like Harmony in Germany! If any of you are ever in Germany, we have got plenty of room! The village Weinfest(always at the end of August) is always lots of fun!

Andy Lund 1988-1998
Hey everyone I haven’t seen in years.
I live in Portland Oregon where I produce and edit film and television programming.
I’m getting married to a girl I met on boat in the South Atlantic ocean. I get back to Bloomington now and then to visit my mother. I have no idea where I would be if I hadn’t attended Harmony!

Katharine Gwynn 1997-1998 (Middle School)
I am currently living in the uk with my partner and 7 year old son, i’m expecting twin girls in 3 weeks!! After my brief stint at harmony, which were my best school days… i went on to live in australia for a couple of years.

Yinan Shentu 2000-2001
I actually just graduated high school in Natick, MA, and I was a student for fifth grade with Kathy and Scott, who I are still here, I see to my delight. It’s amazing seeing who is still on board that I remember.

Amalia Shifriss 1989-2000
Living out in Los Angeles for the past (almost) four years. All the while living with Megs Lawrence ’99, still my best friend. Trying to live the dream that I’ve had since I was 5 of being an actor. It’s a challenge at times, but one I love. Occasionally back to Btown (or Indy, where my boyfriend is from) to hang with my family. My sister Abby (former Harmanoid since birth) is going to be a junior at North. My brother Adam (also former Harmanoid) is a recent Grad of IU with a degree in Public Policy Analysis from SPEA. He has plans to move to DC soon. Mom and Dad Shifriss still rockin out in Btown as well. Hope everyone is well!

Lana Beck-Cruce 1994-2000
Hey Everyone,
I am living in Portland, Oregon with my husband and our 4 year old little girl Lucinda. I work for a company that publishes a catalog of educational toys. It’s pretty awesome. I adore Portland, but am looking forward to moving back to Bloomington to go to grad school, and so Lucy can go to Harmony! Yeah!

Prem Vasudevan 1991 – 1993

Wow. Looks like everyone has either stayed on or moved away from Indiana. Well, I’m in Perth, Australia at the moment. Been married for 3 years now to a lovely Aussie Indian.

We recently moved into our own shag pad and are currently busy sprucing the place up – if any of you from my years at Harmony decide to drop by for a visit, please do!

No kids as yet. Work consumes our life at the moment. I’m in advertising, working as a Copywriter. Been doing it for the past 7 years. My Mrs is a Lawyer with a national law firm.
Apart from that, life’s pretty ska-waten-daten! :)

Would love to hear from my ex-classmates and middle school teachers. Email me at when you have the time.

Karen Robertson 1976 – 1977
Looks like I might be the oldest one on here so far… Yip-ee! I started Harmony back when there were only 20 or so students. Lots of great memories! Emails are welcome.

Nate Hendrickson 1992-1996?
I live in Bonita Springs FL now. I’ve recently started my own business as a locksmith. I’m glad I had such a great opportunity to attend Harmony, and will probably move back to Bloomington in the near future. Catch you later-Nate.

Wade Abram 1986-88
Hi to everyone out there. I was just thinking about my days at Harmony and thought I would look on the good old World Wide Web. Well I am living in Brevard NC. I am a Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Investigtor with the Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office. I have been in Law Enforcement for 6 years now. I love it. I have been a K-9 officer, Patrol, and now a Detective. I also investigate all other types of crime not just D.V. I love my job and I cant imagine doing anything else. I am married. I have been for almost 7 years. I have three kids. 2 boys and a girl. If you would like to see them I have a page on Come and see it. So anyway I hope alot of people see this post. I really cherish my times at harmony. I think of all of you that I knew often and wonder what you all are doing.

Sura Radcliffe 81-82 & 84-85?
I left Bloomington in 85 and have moved around quite a bit since. But I am currently living in LA and love it.

I have so many wonderful memories about Harmony and am really happy it has grown.

Feel free to reach out to me if you are ever in the area or would just like to catch up.

Chris Ruggles 1991-1993
I live in Spencer again, and am building a house with my lovely wife Carmela. We have two children, Keate (4), and Chloe Trillium (20 mths) I’m in my second year of higher education, for psychology and art with two minors, Native American studies, and Sustainable Living. Over all things are great ;)

Noah Lucas 1979-1990 (with the exception of 84-85)
Hey everyone! I’ve lived quite a few places over the years but most recently a good stretch in San Francisco, and the last 7 years in Prague, Czech Republic. I’ve got a lovely 3 year old daughter named Amelia and 2 very energetic shepherds who are urging me out of the city and onto a farm I bought some time back and have been working on making habitable in the permanent sense. The goal is fully self sustaining in the next 5 years but we’ll see about that.

I own a bar called Blind Eye here in Prague and work sporadicly as a travel writer. Any and all who are coming to Prague should at least drop in for a beer (coffee? fruit juice? absinthe?) and say hi. My brother (Austin Lucas 84-97 or so) also lives here the majority of the year when he’s not touring the U.S. or Europe playing music.

Tentatively planning my first trip back to the states since I jumped the pond this coming July. Maybe I’ll see a few of you then. Or better yet, just plan the damn reunion around me!

Jolene Boyles 1987-1993
I am now in Marina Ca with my four children, Donovantrey 12, Trey 9, Joshua 6, Alycia 3. I moved here 18 months ago to be closer to my mother who is currently being treated for breast cancer. I have returned to school after nine years and am pursuing an accounting degree. I love to hear from my old friends from school and hear updates on how everyone is doing. I live near Marcie Lopes and see Cedar occasionally. This week Misty is coming to the local race track.

For those of you that know my brother, he is getting married in Feb.

Kristin Mackenzie-Blackburn1990-1993
An alumni page, yeah! This is a great idea.

I’ve lived in the Nashville, TN area for almost ten years. I’m finishing another degree (a MLIS) and love my work as a Children’s Librarian. I appreciate my time at Harmony and miss my girlie-girls!

Misty Brescia Dreifuss1987-1992 (4th – 8th)
I live in Atlanta, GA now. I work for a sports car racing series (American Le Mans Series). I have been married for 8 years now and have 3 beautiful kids and two great Boxers! My oldest (Natalie Alexa) will be eight in October, my middle one (Kathryn Michelle) will be four in October and my young (William Allan) turned two on July 4th.

I try my hardest to keep in touch with my Harmony friends and am so glad that myspace and this little alumni page has come along. Hope everyone is well and I hope to make it back to Bloomington soon!

Ryan Wilson1982-1995
I am now living in Rossville In. and coaching the Rossville High School Girl’s soccer team. I really enjoy my new surroundings, but I really miss they Harmony life. I recently made a trip home where I got to see some of the old Hamonoids, but I still wonder what has happened to my old peers. just remember to Yo-Yo-ska-whaten-datten.

Danielle Haverfield (Danielle Crawford )1994-1996
I have married and had 2 beautiful boys who are 3 and 2. I have been married 4 years and am a stay at home mom. I stayed in contact with Nick Cox for a long time and He is the godfather of my oldest son. But sadly have lost contact recently does anyone have any info?? Good to hear everyone is great and well. Leah Beebe I have a few pics of you from middle school if you would like them contact me (!!! Bye all

Aliza Segal (Amy Olenick)1980-83, (I think), 1986
I currently live in Berkeley, Ca with my husband and my youngest kids.

Life is great and exciting.

I always think about my life during my harmony years, I carry them with me in everything I do.

I would love to hear from folks. My sister is moving back to B-town, so I will probably be out for a visit this coming year. When are we having another reunion?

Megan Lawrence 1997-1999
I’m still out in L.A., Amalia Shifriss ’00 is my lovely roommate…and still my best friend…

I work for the brothers Weinstein at their baby company The Weinstein Company after a few years in reality TV and a few months at Miramax and a scant few weeks as a tour guide at Paramount post USC.

Hope all are well, healthy, and happy.

Rebecca Pinette 1982-85,86?
I’m back in the states, and wandered across your site. Glad to see Harmony is still kicking! I would love some news from Monica Dubon, Karina, Rebecca Wilson or Estella Eaton. Also, anyone know what happened to Bill Mills?

Leah Beebe 1st grade through 12th, graduated in 2000
Well, I’m happier than I have ever been ( that I can recall) and I am currently just focusing on painting, baking, reading, gardening and being madly in love. I live here in town with my amazing fella, and I work on the Pediatrics unit of the Bloomington Hospital. I just returned from my first trip overseas, and now I’ve got the travel bug…bad. Me and my man have plans to travel the world, but currently we’re just trying to re-do the basement of our house ( demolition is good fun indeed!). I am healthy and happy as a clam. :)

Amanda Rice (Mandy Rice) 1988-1991
I live in Indianapolis and have worked at the Children’s Museum for 12 years.
I have three children (pets-Dog/cats).
Feel free to e-mail me:

Jenni Middleton (Jenni Olenick)
I am happily married and have to great kids!Leaving B-town, we moved to the twin cities.Then my family and I moved to asheville NC for four years.We did a year in sc,and are now living down by my folks in boca raton Florida.

The big news is were moving back to bloomington, hopefully this summer. We will be visiting in mid april to make sure it is where we want to be, because we are tired of moving!!!

Hopefully Abby(14)and Elijah(5)will attend harmony-there is nothing we want more.If anybody would like to contact me via e-mail here’s the info

Peace to all…..Jenni

Denice Goolsby (Denice Douthitt 1988-1990
I’ve been living in San Francisco for the past 10 years. I work as a research manager for UCSF and I found this site because I’m looking for a high school for my son! You might think that San Francisco would have a lot of wonderful schools but I can’t find one that I honestly believe would be better or even as good as Harmony.

I can hear Steve laughing at me as I type that but it’s true.

Heather Lambert 1981-1984
I will be in bloomington over thanksgiving and would like to see some live music. Any suggestions?

Heidi Vosekas 1986-1995
I’m happy to jump start a new forum for Harmony alumni. I’m still here in Bloomington, at Harmony and enjoying my daughter’s first year as a student here.