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July 3, 2014

Ninth Grade American English class completed their critical writing project assignments with Community of Teachers student teacher, Mary Flegler.
Greek & Latin Roots students completed their last chapter test. After viewing the films Beckett andThe Lion in the Winter last semester, we recently watched A Man for All Seasons. Jaimie will continue this required class next year.
Throughout April, National Poetry Month, I presented a short poem each day to these first two morning classes attended by half the high school. This has been of particular importance to me because it was how I applied to work at Harmony in spring 36 years ago.
Depth Psychology students wrote papers on masculine and feminine psychological development and listened to a few last stories. Persephone emerged from the underworld and Psyche ascended to Olympus.
My friend, artist Mark Beebe, graciously shared some of his prolific work and thoughts on drawing and painting for April Exploration afternoon classes. I so enjoyed our repartee spiraling through the 20th century to the present.
In Creative Writing, student teacher Mary Flegler writes: “Our Word Warriors moved on to unwrap the joys of fiction. We’re contrived characters, crashing their cars, deliberating their subsequent dialogue, and really learned how to bring our tales to life. We added our flash fiction and character sketches to our portfolios, to conclude a long adventure in the various purposes and lasting power of writing.”
Of course, it is bittersweet to retire from teaching at Harmony. According to an IU career counseling class, people will work at 8 careers in their lifetimes. Harmony is more than a career for me. Ursina and I raised our daughter, Natasha, here as well as at home and I’m so proud she is a graduating senior. I’ve never taken my family’s proximity for granted during the work day. I am forever grateful for the curricular autonomy I’ve savored in all my classes. I have had the great privilege of working with so many excellent colleagues and creative and fascinating students over the years.

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