News from the K-6 Class

July 3, 2014

The K-6 class had an exciting end to the year!! The kids presented their independent research topics. Diana presented on the Bloomington Farmers Market. Ada taught the class about plants and helped us set up our garden tower. Eva visited the Feline Rescue Center and shared her experience with us. Ara spent the day with her stepdad at One World Commissary and talked about what she learned there. Karim studied chemistry. He made a Periodic Table of Elements just for our class!! Logan opened his restaurant, Witch in a Dessert, for us and made the class lunch one day! Liam studied piano and brought his piano coach in for a performance. Caiden learned how to make ice cream. We were lucky to be able to test her skills with some homemade ice cream. Oscar also learned how to make something — CANDY!! He toured a candy factory and of course, brought in some samples for the class. Emma presented about Katy Perry and wrote her own song. Zara taught the class about puppies. And Sam shared about his fear of dogs and his research on dog phobia and how to interact with dogs.
We ended the year with our trip to Camp McCormick at McCormick’s Creek State Park. We spent days hiking, going on creek walks, and having a wild fun time!! Our end of the year banquet was held out at McCormick’s Creek. The kids decorated for a Here Be Monsters themed party. Parents joined us for dinner and awards. It was a wonderful evening.
We had a fabulous year. I’m excited to see all my kiddos back next year!! Love you all!!!

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