News from the 1st and 2nd Grade

July 3, 2014

As usual, May was filled with special events. The last week we dispensed with our regular schedule and let the kids choose what they wanted to do, while we did things like write graduation speeches, record our 18-song CD, make labels for said CDs, rehearse our graduation, and so on. The last thing we did was our annual “That Was The Year That Was”, when everyone tries to remember all the things we did this year as Becca and I write them on the board. We never have trouble filling the space. The list stays up until our first meeting with our new and returning parents at the end of August. It was certainly a very rich year. No wonder I’m tired!
In May we finished up our animal unit with watercolor painting, a visit to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center and a visit to LB and Josh’s farm, where we learned what it really means to “eat like a pig.” We also went to the IU Greenhouse (the sensitive plants and the Venus fly-traps were a hit) and had a last visit to Claudio’s house, as well as our ever-popular sleepover.
Our thanks to all the parents for entrusting your precious children to our care. They enrich our lives in countless ways, every day we’re in school. Have a great summer and READ, as well as enjoy the outdoors. See you in August!–Claudio, LB, and Becca

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