Student vs. Staff Basketball Game

November 20, 2013

This article was written by Harmony Press Corps member C.J. Goodwin.

In the past, the Teachers vs. Students Basketball Game has generated funds for the High School spring trip, combining money raised from tickets and the snack table. This year, however, the students opted to donate the funds towards the recovery effort from the recent typhoon, Haiyan, in the Philippines. New teacher, Jamie Schmiechen, was impressed with the decision: “there was a lot of thoughtfulness put into the idea, and I was just impressed.” Veteran Language Arts teacher, Tom Hastings described it as an “altruistic gesture” and was truly proud of the High School for their decision, saying in his time as a teacher at Harmony, he had never seen anything of the sort proposed.

This was the 10th annual Student/Staff Basketball Game. From the moment you walked to the bleachers, you could feel the excitement in everyone and the energy that ran through the crowd just resonated in the cheers every time a point was scored. Talking to a few players and fans on the sideline, it was clear that the game is a community-building exercise. “It puts the students and teachers on sort of equal ground and shows a sort of friendly rivalry,” one student had to say.

Though the teams both played passionately, it was apparent that it was never truly about winning, but more about the bonding and entertainment of the game. “It’s about getting out and playing,” teacher, Alan Boucher, said. Unfortunately, in the end, one team must win and this year it was the teachers: 53 – 34. Nobody seemed to mind and one senior described it as “just an amazing thing,” hoping that the game would go on long after he leaves.

The basketball game, which took place on November 20th, raised $308.00 for the typhoon recovery effort.

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