2013 Elementary School Graduation

May 26, 2013

Graduation is a right of passage at every school, but at Harmony it has a special significance for students. Graduates from the ECP, elementary, middle, and high school programs all write their own graduation speeches. Their teachers introduce each of them, they take turns wearing a single graduation robe, and they present their speeches to parents and friends.

Here are some videos from the Elementary School graduation of 2013. Click here to see the graduation program.

Staff Intros and Student Speeches

  1. Willow Aldrich
  2. Elijah Middleton
  3. Zeca Santos-Lewis
  4. Duncan Thompson
  5. Erica Chapman
  6. Ian McKean
  7. Jake Gordillo
  8. Jaylin Boone
  9. Mars Jarvis
  10. Mahala Mundy
  11. Miki Murad
  12. Abel Patch

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