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May 21, 2013

We are nearing the close of a wonderful year in the 3rd and 4h grade class! Here are some things students listed as the highlights of 2012/2013: capture the flag, reading groups, creating a field guide, surviving the end of the world, the saving the teachers project, learning to make power points, meeting new people, roller skating, memoirs, hockey, jumping in leaf piles, read aloud, social action day, the students winning the staff vs. students basketball game, the businesses project, searching for ghosts, comics class, solar panels, science experiments, zines, and poetry. And speaking of poetry, here is a poem by 3rd grader Eve Brooks:

the jailer is coming
the clashing and the clanging of the keys told me so
slam! click! the iron doors are locked
bang! clash! sizzle! the cook is making dinner, but not for me
I walk but hear the grumble of my stomach, and I fall
the jailer doesn’t care, never would the jailer care
I think about my family at home and I cry
drip! drop! plip! plop!
tears are a prison’s rain
tears are a prison’s rain

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