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May 21, 2013

We are heading into the end of this wonderful year!! The K-6 class is busy planning our end of the year banquet. We have decided to have an “Alice In Wonderland” themed party. The kids are busy making posters, placemats, table decorations, and hanging things!!

We are also working on our “End of the Year” books. These books will contain memories of our year together. Each child will contribute a page to everybody else’s book.

We continue with our gardening work. We are done working at Hilltop Gardens and are so appreciative of the work we did with Lea Woodard. She taught so much about gardening. Now, we are heading into the summer with the idea that we will meet once a week during the summer to take care of our garden and enjoy the harvest!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching this wonderful class. We have had an amazing year. I have seen so much growth in each child. To think about where we were at the beginning of the year and what the kids have learned and how they are working together, makes me so happy. I am excited for the year to end, so we can begin again in the fall. The kids have already come up with their ideas about what we should learn about and things they really want to do.

Have a great summer. Thank you to all the individuals that have helped support this classroom and been a part of these children’s lives — parents, Harmony staff, Roc, Jessica, Lea, Barb, Lorien, Chelsey, Andrew, Lizzie, Gina, Gracia, and more. See you all next year!!!!

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