2013 May Day Celebration

May 1, 2013

Today we celebrated May Day with our traditional visit from the Morris Dancers!  The festivities began with an intro dance, followed by a dance with partners and one with sticks.  Then, volunteer students of all ages danced around the maypole and wove their bright streamers together.

After the dancers departed, we turned our attention to the Wish Fire.  During Art Day a month ago, everyone  participated in creating a ‘Wishing Wall': a series of strands of crumpled paper, each sheet with the wish of someone in the school.  Today, we burned the wished together and sent them up into the smoke.

Finally, we turned our attention to the dedication of our new solar panel.  Thanks to a generous grant from Toyota and the hard work of Emily Sprowls, Alex Jarvis, Wes Biddle and Atomic Electric, and the Alternative Energy classes this year and last, we have finally realized our goal of having at least part of Harmony’s energy come from renewable sources.

Enjoy the beautiful weather today, and happy May Day to everyone!

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