Updates from the 1st and 2nd Grade:

April 12, 2013

I think about it every year how fast the rest of the school year goes after Spring Break. I think about all of things that we want to do with the kids and all the things the kids need to do to complete the year. This week we will begin the beloved 2nd grade research projects. The second graders will choose their topic of research, read books and internet articles, interview people and any other research they can do on their topic. They are then required to write a paper, put together a presentation and a visual aid. We encourage the students to choose a topic that they are really, really interested in. The joy of these projects is watching students teach other students about things they love. When a child is really enthusiastic about their topic it shows in the way they research it, talk about it and the energy they put into their visual aid.
The part that we have really emphasized the past few years is their oral presentation. We encourage the kids to put together a presentation and practice it a lot. When they give the presentation they are not allowed to read off of their paper. They can make note cards to help them with their presentation and use their visual aid to help them teach us all about their topic. Some of the topics this year are water, gems, Catahoula dogs, dolphins and dinosaurs. For some, this is the first research project the kids take part in. We really try to teach students basic researching and writing tactics that will help them in their future researching endeavors. The kids always rise to the occasion and do a fabulous job with their papers, presentations and visual aids. We look forward to learning more about these subjects and Claudio and I look forward to being the students for a while.

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