News from Jen’s Class

April 12, 2013

Thank goodness it is FINALLY Spring!! The K-6 class has begun their work in the garden. We are working like crazy to clean out the greenhouse, prepare the garden beds, add compost to a newly created bed, search for worms, grow seedlings, and work on our garden tower. We have new garden tools (given to our school by the Bloomington Garden Club) and we are putting them to great use!! Alongside this work, we continue our garden research.
We have also begun a new math project, our Farm Project. The walls in the classroom have been covered with grid paper. These are our fields. We are working to create farm “plots” of crops to fill the fields. This work is done with arrays, an arrangement of crops in rows and columns. The kids roll dice to determine the dimensions of their plots. They create these plots/arrays on grid paper, filling each square with a plant. The kids use their “calculations cards” to answer the question, “How many plants are in this plot?” Once they have determined the amount of plants in their plot, they add them to the fields on the walls. This is just the beginning of the project. More components will be added as we continue. The class is broken into two farming companies and they work together to fill their fields!! It is fun to watch the younger kids in the class work right alongside the older ones on this project.
As our school year winds down we have lots to look forward to — lots of garden work, lots of good books, independent research projects, class trips, and a class banquet.

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