Middle School News:

April 12, 2013

We had an exciting event with the culmination of our bridge building project. After we learned about the physics of structures and engineering, teams designed and built toothpick bridges. We evaluated them by aesthetics, cost efficiency, and strength by attaching a five-gallon bucket. Each team slowly added water until the structure snapped, buckled or collapsed. Ryan Bredemeyer joined us from the high school and built his bridge after school. He did what no one has done before: his bridge was unbreakable with the five-gallon bucket filled to the brim, that is: 19 kg =41.7 lb!! Congratulations!
The prior week we took a fieldtrip to the Neurosciences building, where Heather Bradshaw set up a lab for us to learn about, examine, and touch brains! Wyatt, in a white lab coat, demonstrated why the cortex has folds (gyri and sulci), and how the area it covers if flat would equal 2.5 square feet. We also learned about the Anterior Commissure and Massa Intermedia. Both are different in female and male brains. Many thanks, Heather!
Here we are at the final stretch of the year. The month of April is filled with activities. Students are researching and making proposals for our spring trip, May 6th-9th. We’ll be taking the CAT test, preparing for the Soccer Challenge with 5/6 grade, celebrating Earth Day, starting our human sexuality course, and wrapping up graduation and independent projects.
This time of year is also when we see the group coming together, new leaders emerging, and silent voices being heard. We create an environment, set boundaries, provide structure, present challenges, and ultimately it is the students that make it work for themselves and the group.
Look for details about our trip and information about sign-up for Students/Parent/Teacher Conferences the week of 5/13. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us.

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