3rd and 4th Grade News:

April 12, 2013

Tons of bustling is going on daily in our class. We are just finishing research presentations. The kids taught each other about animals, famous people, ancient cultures, and beyond. Parents connected with the project by taking their child to do an experience connected with his/her chosen topic. Families went to the zoo, the Exotic Feline Rescue Center, A Taylor Swift concert, and all kinds of other activities. We have wonderful parents at Harmony!
Another exciting time is math as we get into full swing with our businesses project. This annual event brings to surface one of the most common mathematical experiences: money. The kids have come up with some wonderful businesses this year. Shops include a Prehistoric Dinosaurs and Turtles store, a Car lot with Golden cars, an adoption agency for babies and toddlers, a candy store, and even a place to buy alien pets. Kids are writing checks and balancing their checkbooks throughout the project. It’s super common to see the kids working on this project during any free time they have!
In other news, we are finishing Human Sexuality, writing some amazing poetry, playing dodge ball and jump rope, and generally enjoying the change in seasons.

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