Agora: An Art Event

April 2, 2013

art-daywebThanks to everyone who worked on Art Day and came out to see our students’ work!

In the month of March, Harmony School students from Preschool through 12th grade collaborated with 16 local artists to produce an extraordinary variety of works based on the theme: “Agora: Private Visions in the Public Eye.” Agora is the Greek word for marketplace and the idea came out of a conversation with students about street art.

At Harmony, we produce a major art show once every three years, but art permeates our curriculum every day. We recognize the deep satisfaction felt by anyone, whatever their age, who takes materials and shapes them into something beautiful, different, even strange.

The Harmony Art Committee would like to thank CFC, the artists, the Harmony parents, students and staff, and the many volunteers whose extraordinary efforts have made this event possible.

During the last day of our Art Day classes, Bloomington film-maker and Harmony alumnus Sahar Pastel-Daneshgar documented several of the classes with her photography. Check out the rest of her photos here, and check out her photos of the actual art day here.

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