The Latest from the 3rd and 4th Grade:

March 5, 2013

Tons of amazing activities are happening in the third and fourth grade.

We are fully immersed in our Research Project and the kids are learning about whatever topic they are interested in. Some of the topics include fashion, snakes, ponies, space, computers, Michael Jackson, and more. Each project includes a speech about the topic, a field experience, and a visual presentation. It is always amazing to learn about these topics and to watch each child share his/her newfound knowledge with the group.

We’re also completing our fiction stories. Each of us created an amazing and detailed story. Through the process we learned to use descriptive language, make comparisons, use all of our senses, revise our pieces, edit spelling and punctuation, and illustrate. Finally, we will share our work in an Authoring Celebration!!

It’s a wonderful and productive time of the year!!!-Jeremy

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