News from the First and Second Grade:

March 5, 2013

For Directed Journal we recently asked, “What would be the nicest thing someone could say to you about yourself (something that’s true)?” Here are our class’s responses:

• You’re my best friend forever. That would make me feel good.
• The nicest thing I could hear is they like to play with me.
• I like your hair and dress because they are very pretty and adorable.
• The nicest thing to say is you’re happy.
• The nicest thing that someone could say to me is telling me that I am the best soccer player.
• What would make me feel good is someone saying I did a good job on my spelling test.
• A good thing is a kid saying you are cool.
• The nicest thing someone could say to me is you have the best shirt ever.
• What my friend would say is that I am special.
• I think the nicest thing would be someone saying I am a smart kid.
• The nicest thing is when my mom said “You are the nicest thing.”
• I like your hair because it is pretty and I like her hair because it is smooth.
• You do a good job making micro Star Wars things.
• What someone would say to me that would make me feel the nicest would be “you are a really smart girl” because I am.
• The nicest thing somebody said to me was you’re my best friend because it made me feel really good.
• I would like it if you would say I was smart.
• I like it when people say you are cute or you are good at origami or you are good at art.
What about yourself? What could someone say that would make you feel the best?

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