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March 5, 2013

Spring will be here before we know it – and with it, the High School spring trip which takes us to Asheville, North Carolina in May. The students have come up with some wonderful fundraising ideas this year, which include SabrinaFest: A Canine Carnival on April 6, when the community will be invited to bring their four-footed friends to a doggie extravaganza that will include attractions such as Bobbing for Balls; Find the Hot Dog; a Canine Cake Walk; a Doggie King & Queen contest; the Best Trick Award; Picture with your Puppy; The Barkery Bistro; and many more. Watch the web site – – for further details soon.

Meanwhile, classes are in full flow. In Western Civ, students are sampling the delights of the Renaissance and are about to engage in a fierce debate about the relative genius of Leonardo Da Vinci versus Michelangelo. Then they enjoyed a buffet of Tudor sweetmeats, while learning more about the joys of Shakespeare.

Meanwhile, The American Century has reached the 1950s and is plunging into the complexities of the Civil Rights Movement, the Cold War, the Beat Generation and adolescents full of angst. Each student will be asked to create a soundtrack for the decade, marrying Fifties music with images of the era.

In World Today, students just completed their analysis of the State of the Union speech – after having predicted with impressive accuracy what the President would talk about. In the coming weeks, students will start writing their own stories, which will also be found at the school’s web site.

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