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March 5, 2013

In first period, American Popular Music, we have just wrapped up our unit on music from 1900-1945 and now we’re beginning to look at the birth of Rock and Roll. Students are working on finishing up their papers right now analyzing the relationships between two songs and American society at the times they were written. Over this week and next we’ll be looking at the invention of the electric guitar, Alan Freed, Sun Studios, and Bill Haley’s hit record “Rock Around the Clock”.

Next up is third period: Expository Writing. We’ve been working on writing a solid analytical paragraph with a good topic sentence. Our subject is the impending third nuclear test by North Korea. Since the class is a mix of Chinese and South Korean students, it’s an area that they all are interested in and have opinions on.

Fourth period is Arts of Korea and Japan, and we just got back from a couple trips to the local Zen Center, Sanshinji, as well as the IU Art Museum. This week we are learning about the Choson Dynasty of Korea, King Sejong, the Korean alphabet, and Korean music (samulnori).

Finally, in the afternoons my Art of Programming class has begun. Our focus is on Java, and we are using materials from the free Stanford Online Course program to form the basis of the class. Although the material is fairly challenging, especially for students who have never programmed before, all of the students have successfully completed at least a few basic programs!

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