News from Jen’s Class (K-6)

March 5, 2013

We are having a great time in the K-6 class. The kids have been busy working on their businesses!! They have used the money they have earned in their businesses to buy houses. Lots of cool things have happened! Caiden and her mom have made a ton of really cool furniture to sell. (It’s Caiden’s second business!) Sam has gone crazy with rooftop gardens, actually bringing in soil and seeds. I have noticed that a couple of kids are very good savers and strategic with their money. Ted has a ridiculous amount of money. We think it’s because Ansel (who makes a ton of money in his business) is always buying statues from Ted’s statue shop. It has been a lot of fun to watch the kid’s creative process during this project. I love how their businesses and homes reflect each of their personalities.
We also continue our work at Hilltop Gardens. We head over almost every week to check on our worm bins. Lately we have grown a variety of plants from seeds in their greenhouse. The kids (and I!!) have learned how to transplant our little plants when too many seeds grew in one space. They have also transferred many of their plants into garden towers. Lea, who runs Hilltop, has helped us start an experiment, growing some plants with fertilizer, some with just worm compost, and some just in soil. We are excited for the Spring to come so we can use some of our new gardening knowledge in our own garden at Harmony! -Jen

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