Middle School News:

March 5, 2013

Hello Harmony. I hope everyone had a great beginning to their new year, and is ready for all the excitement of second semester. As we roll into the second month a multitude of things are happening in the Middle school.

To begin, each student will start his or her new 5th period class. Each student got a chance to choose from an amazing list of classes like: Photography, Geometry, Yearbook, World Today, Computer programming, and Anatomy. Just as a reminder to both students and parents, the 5th period class combines both Middle School and High School students. Each class will require homework and studying, and can potentially count as a High School credit for 8th graders.

With the beginning of February came a new round of independent projects for the 7th graders, and GRADUATION PROJECTS for the 8th graders. Due dates for the 7th grade projects are listed below. For the 8th graders there are certain requirements for the graduation projects.

Each student is expected to form a committee. The committee should have at least one Middle School teacher, and can include another adult and possibly a student. The graduates committee will approve their proposals and guide them through the 13 week/60-80 hour process. These students will present their final product in May to the Middle School and Parents. .

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