March 5, 2013

The kids have really been enjoying our “letter of the day” theme this month. Many of them walk into the room in the morning trying to figure out what the letter is by checking out the sensory table. We had buttons, beads, and balloons for B day, pom poms and PVC pipe for P day, ketchup for K day, flubber, forks, and fossils for F day, rubber bands for R day, yarn for Y day, and so on. So far we’ve covered about 3/4 of the alphabet. Who knows what we’ll have for Q, X, and Z…

We’ve also been working on a unique collage for each letter, brainstorming words at family meeting, and reading aloud books that relate to the day’s letter in some way. The Kindergarteners have been participating in small group writing activities, drawing a picture of something that starts with the day’s letter and writing the word as a caption below.

Family meeting time has also been spent rehearsing six special love songs that we sang on the stage for our parents and other loved ones at the annual ECP Valentine’s Day Tea Party. This year we added two new songs, “Magic Penny” and “Lollipop.” It’s been so sweet to hear the kids sing the refrain “Love is something, if you give it away, you end up having more.” We’ve been working on heart-shaped art work and decorating Valentine bags as well. We had a great time at the tea party!

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