The Latest from Kathy and Scott’s Class (5th and 6th Grade):

January 28, 2013

Greetings from the winter wonderland of Harmony School! After what we hope was a fun-filled and restful winter break, our students have returned full of exciting stories of playing in the snow, eating great food, and spending time with family.

This month our class is employing the research on waves of immigration to the United States conducted last December in order to prepare PowerPoint presentations to present to the class. Students have become experts in their area of research, and are taking turns teaching the class about their topics. This will provide excellent practice in giving formal presentations before we embark upon Graduation Projects.

In authoring, we are using our work in civics and human rights to compose opinion essays answering the question, What human rights should be guaranteed to all people universally without exception? Although our conversations on the topic were quite rich, it has proven a big challenge to express our ideas in a five paragraph essay format. As we move into the revision process, the student’s incredible progress as authors has been demonstrated in their essays quite well.
We’ve begun preparing for our annual sojourn to the Indiana Repertory Theater, which will be in February, through our new read-aloud, Jackie and Me. Integrating this into a curricular unit on the Civil Rights Movement, we are looking at primary sources such as archival footage, photos, news clippings, and also secondary sources like video documentaries on Jackie Robinson specifically and the Civil Rights Movement in general. In addition, we’ll be taking a tour of the Civil Rights in Monroe County exhibit at the Monroe County Historical Center, as well as viewing the video on Jim Crow in Monroe County.

As the cold weather continues to grip our community, we still plan to spend time outside on walking field trips, in body works, and, of course, during breaks and lunch. Our Legal Literacy is set to resume this month being led by Indiana University Law Students, it will culminate in a ‘mock trial’ at the IU Law School later in the semester. Our Graduates have completed their project proposals and at this point should have begun to make good progress on their community service projects.
-Scott and Kathy

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