News from the K-6 Class

January 28, 2013

We are super busy in our K-6 class these days!!! We have just begun our “businesses” project. Each child has created a “store” where they are selling a variety of products. Zara and Ada have an amazing cat shop. Caiden is selling Monster High dolls and accessories. If you are looking to buy mythical beasts, you should stop by Audrey’s, Oscar’s, or Alex’s shops. Sam is selling military supplies, of course. There are many other shops open and new ones opening up every day!! The kids have been saving up their cash to buy houses. (About half the class is still homeless at this point!!) Pretty soon they will be opening up checking accounts and work on balancing their accounts. I’m excited to see where this project is heading!!!

We also continue our work at Hilltop Gardens. We have started a bunch of seeds to be transferred into a hoop house in a few weeks. Those seeds germinated and grew like crazy over our winter break in the greenhouse. We recently worked to transplant plants where several had grown in one pot. We will head back every Friday for the next few weeks to take care of these plants. We also have several worm bins that we maintain, adding newspaper strips, water, and food scraps. All of this work is getting us ready to work in our own Harmony gardens in the Spring!!

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