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January 28, 2013

We had a rocking good time at this year’s Holiday Follies, performing the song Rockin Robin while dressed up as owls, crows, and a variety of birds. Thanks to the parents who helped us finish the costumes in time. After practicing the song maybe a hundred times, it was clear that everyone knew the words, and it was great to see the kids singing with such exuberance.

We were happy to still see lots of snow on the ground when we returned to school last week. We took many opportunities to sled, make snow angels and snow people, and build snow forts. We also took a bunch of snow and chunks of ice inside the classroom where we colored it with liquid watercolors and pipettes in the sensory table. We even made some of our very own sparkling “snow dough” with flour, corn starch, oil, and glitter. At family meeting we’ve been reading winter themed books by Jan Brett like The Gingerbread Baby and the Ukranian folktale The Mitten.

Beyblades have been extremely popular in the ECP for the past few weeks. We were lucky enough to have several “stadiums” and many different beyblades donated to the class. We’ve had them set up as a station in the block area and there are always a group of kids crowded around, sending them spinning with their special keys (“rippers”) and watching them knock into each other in a very hands-on physics demonstration.

We’re starting our Letter of the Day theme this month, beginning with the vowels. We’ll have the sensory table filled each morning with items that begin with the letter of the day. We’ll also be making letter collages and badges, brainstorming words at meeting, and reading aloud books that relate to the day’s special letter.

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