News from the 1st and 2nd Grade:

January 28, 2013

With the holiday buzz and the mountain of snow behind us, our classroom has nestled into winter. The first day back I was amazed at how calm it was. There was no screaming in our Bodyworks class. I swear it! That never happens. The kids were happy to be back, but not crazy out of their minds. I do bet there were some happy parents dropping their kiddos back off to school a week ago though. That is in the past and our present is a flood of sickness and water! The kids though are still in their fairly mellow state and Claudio and I are trying to create a groove for them to settle into. We are focused on keeping to our schedule and maintaining the calm as much as possible. With so many things happening at Harmony though, this can be hard to do. There is always something to be excited about. There are new clubs starting next month, Exploration classes based around our elementary theme of “Roots” and now there are Ugly Doll pillows!
We have begun the process of making our Ugly Doll pillows. Each student has carefully designed and colored what they would like for their own Ugly Dolls to look like. We did our research in Jen’s classroom and gazed at her wall of Ugly Dolls, looked at Ugly Doll calendars and many Ugly Doll books and guides. Then each child took their time (most, about 10 minutes) and created their own, unique Ugly Doll. I have gone to the store to buy their fabric and we have begun to create these ugly/cute characters. This class is by far the best sewing class I have ever had in 7 years of teaching. Most of the first graders are just as good as the second graders.
As most of you know, sewing can be a bit tedious and there is the occasional whining about how long it is taking or a stab of the finger. We just tell them that creating something takes time and yes, sometimes you stab your finger with the needle and it hurts, but you just keep sewing. The look of pride on their faces when they finish that project is something that reminds me why I teach. They hug the project, throw it up in the air, toss it around and play with it. Some though just cherish and admire it. These Ugly Dolls will take almost a month to make. Can you imagine what their faces will look like after they complete a project like that? I hope it becomes something they cherish forever, just like we cherish those proud faces when they complete it.

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