News from the Third and Fourth Grade:

December 21, 2012

We’ve had a wonderful month enjoying the changing of the seasons and exploring in many exciting ways.

Our theme has continued to address the Civil Rights movement and the prejudice, segregation, and biases that were addressed by a nonviolent resistance. The kids researched heroes from Abe Lincoln’s fight against slavery to Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Our focus has been where prejudice comes from and how people bring to light these problems and work to solve them. It’s been a great conversation and we’re proud of how our children seem to understand inclusive thinking and how to make the world a place without prejudice.

Our other activities may not have the depth of these conversations, but are equally important to each child’s discovery. Our math classes continue to build foundational understanding of place value, arithmetic, fractions, and mapping. The fourth graders are working in small group to navigate their way through the Rocky Mountains. Their ultimate goal is to save our poor teachers from the evil Alowishus Magillicutty. With hard work, they will complete this project and bring our teachers home by the Holiday Break.

A quick overview of other activities includes learning cursive, typing, writing short stories, participating in book clubs, badminton and dance classes, and preparations for the Holiday Follies.

It’s going to be a wild and wonderful run to the Holiday Break!

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