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December 21, 2012

We’ve been rehearsing a little bit each day for the Follies, and the kids are having lots of fun singing and dancing to “Rockin Robin.” We’ll be working on costumes and props in the days leading up to our performance. We’ve also been singing other favorite songs at family meeting like “Down By the Bay” and “Ozzy the Oppossum,” in addition to playing a variety of counting and estimation games.

Our meeting time read-aloud books have included a series of altruistic stories to set the tone of a caring community of friends. We read “That’s What Friends Are For”, “Frederick”, and “Don’t Fidget a Feather” this month.

We had a naturalist named Sandy from Monroe County Parks and Recreation come and share some neat activities and information about bats. We made sounds like baby bats and learned about echolocation.
She read the story “Stellaluna” and then served us some snacks like mango and cashew, which are plants that need bats for pollination. We also got to observe a real dead bat up close.

Our kindergartners have been filling up word boxes and practicing with the beginning readers of their choice. We also went on a walkabout with clipboards searching for tiny things to write down.
One week we tried a science experiment in small groups where we made swirls of moving color in whole milk, activated by q-tips dipped in dish soap.

At the art table we’ve been working on cutting out pictures from nature magazines for a big group collage, painting with bright syrup paint, and the always popular salad spinner painting. Christy has also been sharing books about color and a selection of famous artists in the afternoons to inspire the kids as they create.

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