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December 21, 2012

The Biochemistry course finishes with the much anticipated unit on food and cooking science. We have learned about basic food safety and nutrition labels and discussed probiotics versus food-borne illnesses. We have learned about the chemistry of pectin, casein and gluten protein networks, and then made some: jelly, cheese and dough! The class will end with each student presenting the science behind a food of their choice to the class.

Science Research Seminar ends in a flurry of paper editing and slide-making. Students will present and peer-review each other’s projects this week. One student has been looking at the effects of oil spills on Daphnia magna, a tiny animal at the base of aquatic food chains. Another has been working in an IU lab to examine the effects on gene duplication in Paramecia.

The semester of physics is ending with lots of afternoon “phun” while students also prepare for the “phollies”: we are building marble coasters to measure the conversion of potential to kinetic energy; we are cantilevering wooden blocks to understand how the center of gravity affects structures and balance; and we are building Cartesian diver toys to examine the relationships between pressure and buoyancy.

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