From LB and Claudio:

December 21, 2012

The month of December is always such a busy one for us. (Everyone else too.  ) This time of year I think a lot about tradition. Harmony is full of traditions throughout the year; the Extravaganza, Social Action Day, McCormick’s Creek, graduation projects, Earth Day, Exploration and Creation and coming up, the Holiday Follies. We are working hard on our Follies act. We are practicing and making props in preparation for the big day. Our act will be special this year for so many reasons and we will even have 2 guest appearances in our act. So you’ll have to make sure to come to the Follies and see what it is. Don’t forget to get there early to get a seat. It fills up quickly.

We have also started some traditions in our classroom. Claudio and I enjoy sharing our interests and hobbies with the children. I started sewing with the students and I promise that each year they get better and better. We are going to be making a lot of special crafts using our sewing skills and finishing our wool unit. We washed wool and carded wool earlier in the year and are going to see our hard work create some beautiful gifts made with the very capable hands and imagination of our students.

We are also in full swing of our “Secret Someone” gift giving. Each child receives someone to make gifts for and make them feel special throughout the next two weeks. The kids become so excited about this activity and make some really special things for others. It really puts them into the full swing of giving to others. This would be a great opportunity to talk and think about others that are less fortunate than us, those who do not have a loving, caring, school and community to come to every day. Let us be thankful for Harmony and this amazing community.

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