5th and 6th Grade News:

December 21, 2012

The change of weather brings a new wind of activity in our class. As you read this letter, our class is busy with final note taking, drafting and editing, the written text of their independent research projects on their topic of choice within the context of our Immigration Theme. Our Bodyworks activities have switched to Basketball and Winter Walking. Students have had their final Creation and Exploration classes of 2012 and are now immersed in preparing for the annual Holiday Follies. We have students in many roles this year, from the tech crew, to MC’s, performing skits and singing songs.

In authoring our class collaborated with the IU Art Museum in an exploration of poetry and music inspired from art or art inspired from poetry and music. Students listened to a variety of songs inspired from famous art works while viewing the inspiring art. We engaged in a range of discussions and writing exercises focusing on different art and literature concepts such as line, negative space, setting, point of view, composition, color, description, foreground, background, theme, and mood. In our culminating project, we toured the gallery, chose a painting or sculpture, observed the piece in detail, filled out an observation sheet, created a sketch of the piece, collected entries toward a poem inspired from the art work, created a draft, revised, edited, and published a poem inspired from the art piece. Upon publication of our poems, we spent an afternoon painting the imagery inspired from our classmate’s poems without seeing the original art work that inspired the poem.

Within our math class, we have been moving right along since Parent, Teacher and Student Conferences. 5th graders continue to reinforce long multiplication skills using decimals while 6th graders continue to learn about fraction by factoring and finding common factors.

Our class recently began a new civics theme on Legal Literacy. So far we’ve discussed the history of the right to vote and the election as well as exploring the foundation of how laws are made and the basic structure of our government. The class will resume in mid January when the Law students return from break. It will culminate in a ‘mock trail’ sometime in April where the kids will participate by role playing the parts in a trial.

We selected our “Secret Somebody” for our gift exchange. It was a random draw of a name out of a bowl. This is an optional activity for our class. The last Thursday before break, we will have a gift exchange. Gifts should not be more than $10 in value.

On Friday, December 21st, the class will be heading to the Buskirk Chumley Theatre for the Cardinal Stage Company’s production of “The Wizard of Oz”. We are all looking forward to seeing this play.

Best wishes of good health and happiness to the Harmony and greater community that supports us.
-Scott and Kathy

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