Updates from the Middle School

December 12, 2012

I hope everyone has been out and enjoying these mild days in preparation for the holidays and cold weather that is coming our way. This time of year in the Middle School we are hitting our stride with school work and personal relationships, as well as taking on new adventures with parent conferences and fundraising.

All of the students, at this point in the year, have completed their first independent project. They have researched topics, written papers, and presented to the class. It is exciting for us teachers to discover their interests and help them develop higher level thinking skills and guide them through the art of public speaking as they present. Now the students will begin their second project and have it completed by holiday break December, 21. At this point students can work with their advisor and apply their developing research skills to go beyond written papers into more creative and hands-on project topics. It is very rewarding to see each student grow and watch their talents blossom.

As we enter the holidays it is also time for the annual Middle School Equal Exchange fund raiser. Students have been given a catalog and order form to collect orders from friends, neighbors, and family members. We choose to do our fundraiser through Equal Exchange and Ten Thousand villages because they are companies that we can feel good about supporting. Both companies are part of the Fair Trade Federation where the artisans and farmers they purchase from are given fair wages and support sustainable economics within those communities. We hope that you will help the students sell these goodies to raise money for our spring trip. We have a goal, as a Middle School, to raise $2,000 and the students have set a personal goal for each of them to approach at least five people. All the money we raise will go toward lowering the cost of our spring trip. Feel free to contact Kelli with any questions.

I want to send out a big thank you to Melissa Larimer, our PIP coordinator, for organizing families to clean the Middle School rooms, lounge and computer lab. Thank you, also to those families who have given their time. My room has never been so well swept and dusted. Our students’ benefit most when we all work together to fulfill their needs. Thank you for sharing your amazing children with us and being so supportive of what we do.

Remember we have three exciting weeks to wrap up projects, prepare for the holidays, and prepare for the Follies.


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