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December 12, 2012

Last month, Literary Criticism class enjoyed a visit from Indiana’s Poet Laureate, Karen Kovacik, and later this month will meet another dear friend, Roger Pfingston who will share his award-winning work with my students. They are also completing their heart, gut and brain assignments while fashioning diverse and wonderful personal anthologies to display at our Open House.

Greek & Latin Roots class has finished the first non-technical chapter of delicious words expressing states of mendacity while the ubiquitous word “pathos” keeps reappearing on chapter tests. A recent TED talk revealed that men lie eight times more than women and usually lie about themselves, whereas women usually lie to protect others’ feelings.

Ninth Grade American English students have furthered their mastery of language mechanics review more than any recent classes I can remember. We immersed ourselves in grammatical terms and their application and are ready to move on to other language arts skills now. I’m really proud how diligently students have worked in this class. We have also increased our vocabulary acquisition skills considerably and will continue to do so.

Learner and the Learning Process students recently watched and discussed two documentaries, FOOD, Inc. and Generation Rx. Jean Scallon of Meadows was gracious to visit and talk with us about Generation Rx. Students are also completing their papers on one of two Scottish science fiction novels they chose to read. To supplement that, we watched the satire, CSA (Confederate States of America) and John Sayles’ Brother from Another Planet.

I want to thank Gloria and Kevin Brunner for cleaning my room every weekend and Ethan Thompson for his daily polish. And, thanks to seniors Adam and Eleanor for gracing my room for Open House.

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